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will continued cathing cause long term damage?

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  • will continued cathing cause long term damage?

    I have been having instills for two months now. At first- the cathing did not hurt at all and I rarely had problems afterwards. But the last time I had a different nurse and he struggled to cath me. It hurt very much during and my urethra has felt tender since~ not horrendous or anything- just a bit sore. Can the urethra just heal itself when it is scratched ect- as this was 3 weeks ago and it is still tender... My question is- do you think that when I get my next instill Tuesday that it will just do more damage as its already sore? I am going to ask for my usual nurse, I'm really hoping she's in because as nice as this other nurse is- he has had problems cathing me twice- ouch!! I am also going to ask for a smaller cath as mine is a size 12f and I think this is bigger than alot of people's I have seen on these boards. I just don't want any long term damage to my urethra. Just as my frequency was clearing up- now this...


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    I suggest asking for a different nurse --- and the smaller catheter --- and let your doctor know about the irritation from the catheter. There are members here who catheterize themselves more than once every day without harming their urethras.

    I hope the next instillation goes better for you.

    Stay safe

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      Thanks Briza- I will check that its a non latex cath. Thank you too Donna- I was worried about sounding rude by asking for a different nurse as this guy is the person who normally does the instills.. However my health is more important...

      Hopefully things will go better on Tuesday


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        Well, I had my instill yesterday- I asked for my usual nurse and she did it- thank goodness! She also used a 10ff without me even asking as I said I was sore (love her!). She said that my urethra felt tighter than usual and it took her a few more seconds than usual to cath me. But ince she did it didn't hurt TOO bad. My urethra feels a bit tender and irritated today but Im gonna give it a couple of days to calm down before I get worried. Im still mad at the other nurse from last week who couldnt cath me though- as I feel I have taken a few steps back in my progress due to his incompetancy!!-- Defo not in the right job if you are a uro nurse and it takes you a good 25 mins to find somebodies urethra!!!...

        Hope it heals up and hasnt caused me any lasting damage...