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Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

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  • Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

    Anyone know of another kind of numbing medicine that can be subbed for the lidocaine? I googled about the Lidocaine and from the looks of things I will never have the heparin done again.

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    Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

    I just googled more about this and some companies have stopped making it all together because there is no money in it and the other companies are restocking it at a very slow pace and why??? Noooooooooooooooooo money to be made. Once again the old mighty dollar. I'm so upset because the heparin/lidocaine was the one and only thing that helped my IC and since I"ve had to skip it now for so long my bladder is back to what it was and once (if I ever do) go back to having it done it's going to take months before it starts helping again and that also means months of extra pain. And yet.............I'm a druggie if I take pain meds.........................


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      Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?



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        Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

        My insurance won't pay for it. There was a time when they stopped paying for the lidocaine. Still paid for the heparin which I couldn't understand since I couldn't have the heparin done without the lidocaine so I had to try and come up with the money to pay for a case of Lidocaine. Insurance company could pay for 1 bottle at a time but not me and now I don't have any money to goes towards any meds.


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          Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

          Please give your doctor's office a call to ask for suggestions. It could be that if your doctor can't get lidocaine, insurance might cover it if he/she makes a request.

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            Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

            Lidocaine is on back order from the places who makes it and my doctor can't get any of it either. Not sure if or when the companies who make it will make enough for everyone again. I've already talked with my doctor about this too.


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              Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

              I am not sure but many of my friends have arranged to get other medications from Canadian providers. You do need a prescription but it can be written by a medical provider from the US. Before Medicare my private insurance did cover lidocaine but now I have to pay full price. It is pricy.
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                Re: Anything else to use but Lidocaine?

                Thanks for telling me about Canada. I never thought of that so I will google and see what I come with. Depending on the price depends on if I can do it. I did google medical supply companies (Including the one I bought my tens supplies from) but none sell lidocaine.