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  • Steroids in DMSO

    I just learned something from my doctor that may help some of you. I had great success after 6 DMSO treatments about two years ago. This winter I had another series. I felt great in between the weekly treatments, but the relief did not last more than two weeks after the last treatment. My doctor explained that there are several solutions mixed with the DMSO to make the cocktail. Each doctor has their own way. My doctor used to include the steroid Kenalog. Since it's gotten so expensive, and insurance companies don't reimburse for these solutions, she switched to a cheaper steroid. This one does not have as lasting an effect as Kenalog. I wish I knew this before going through all the treatments! The way they can get around the cost now, the patient is given a prescription and gets the Kenalog from the pharmacy, then brings it to the office for the instill. I will do this before my next treatment and hope the benefit lasts. I'm going to try Donna's way of having monthly treatments.
    I minimize my discomfort by taking a pyridium two hours before the treatment, and pain med. an hour before. This helps a lot. I continue with both meds for about two days. A heating pad also helps.