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I Need urgent Help About DMSO

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  • I Need urgent Help About DMSO

    I had DMSO Treatment about 3 years. All the treatment went well. Today i go to my Uro & he did the DMSO treatment. Today was little painfull treatment for me. I noticed today when i got back home, I bleed every time i go do pee. the blood is fresh red blood. I took the mirror & took a look i saw the blood is comming out from my uretha. I never had this problume befor. I am kind of scared. is this normal. i call my doctor office & left the message there. There office is closed now. i do not know what to do? should i go to the Hospital? Pls. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Itahaeic,

    Sounds like the urethra has some kind of injury, if you are worried you should go get it looked at. However if its not alot of blood it may stop soon, and seeing your doctor tomorrow is a good idea. I pass blood with DMSO sometimes, but not very much. Take care,
    One day at a time


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      I've never heard of that. I would see if you can get a hold of your doc, like maybe he's on call? Or go to the e.r. I wonder if the cath punctured something go in?

      That just doesn't sound good.

      Keep us posted.
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        I would definitely try and get hold of your doc, or who is on call like Jess adviced, or if not go to the ER, and get it checked out. Let us know how you are doing, hugs Iris. hi grouphug
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          I AGREE with Jess call the doctor on call and see what he/she has to say about it. this isnt normal. you may need to go to the er. best wishes to you and please let us know what happens. (((((((hugs) ))))))))) grouphug
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            thanks for quick reply. yes, my Uro called me back & he called my pharmacy for the Medician.


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              Back years ago when the treatment was to get dilated all the time I have had Drs. that were too rough and I bled. But I would call the Dr. you may have an infection. Sorry and Hugs



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                Blood in the urine usually means infection. I'm glad you were able to reach your doctor.

                Warm healing thoughts,
                Stay safe

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