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    If you are in a horrible flare and have never had rescue installations before how often do you recommend getting them? My urologist said daily, until things settle, but that sounds very excessive to me! I thought it was more like once per week.

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    Some ICers use them even more often than that --- once your bladder calms down, you may be able to gradually extend the time between treatments. Will you be doing them at home?

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      i would be doing them in the office. I have never seen anybody have them every day initially. Because it doesn’t give your bladder a chance to settle down after the first one. I could see doing them daily once you for sure knkw
      they are going to help.
      Hoping others who are currently doing instills will reply.


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        I've been doing them daily for 8 months at home. When in a flare I do them twice a day. I originally just did them 2 or 3 times a week in the doctors office. As far as letting the bladder calm down between installations I think that's only needed for DMSO, which I've never done. Rescue installations are calming to the bladder and not uncomfortable at all. To me, they have a numbing effect. My new doctor is a firm believer in home installations and they are a lifesaver for me. He said they don't cause any harm doing long term installations.
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          I was diagnosed about 15 years ago. The instillations controls my IC completely. When I first started I had 3 a week but I did need to increase to daily for a couple of months. Dr. Dell said in the beginning more than 3 a week might be necessary until things "calmed down". I needed 4 intillations over the last 2 years. If your MD said daily I am sure it is what he has found most effective way he treats IC. But if you are worried just tell him/her your concerns.
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