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Finding a Dr. who supports self instillations

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  • Finding a Dr. who supports self instillations

    I was lucky enough to find a Dr. who supported home instillations within a few months of being diagnosed. I've moved to the San Francisco east bay area and I haven't been so lucky. I've managed to finally convince my Urogynecologist to give me the prescriptions, but the sources her office found for the materials are SO much more expensive than the Atlanta area. Does anyone know of a Dr. who supports home instillations in the San Francisco area? The ICnetwork physician database didn't help. Does anyone order from an online medical supply company that ships anywhere in the US?

    Knock on wood, I haven't had to do an instillation in years, but I like to keep the materials on hand for emergencies.

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    Have you checked the ICN Shop?
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      I'm a little south of you and I still haven't been able to find an affordable supplier for Lo-Fric catheters.
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        Have you thought about ordering the catheters from Canada?
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          I order catheters from 180 medical. They have good customer service and files insurance. However, if you need to reach a deductible for your insurance to cover catheters than its not the most cost effective.
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            I do bladder irrigations at home with heparin, lidocaine and sodium bicarbonate. 5th urologist suggested Kenolog steriod to mix. Have you used steriod?

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