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Complete relief from lidocaine?

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  • Complete relief from lidocaine?

    whenever I do a rescue instill (lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate, heparin, steroid), all of my symptoms almost instantly disappear for about an hour and then come back more tamely. I’m doing them once a day now since I’m in a huge flare. Does everyone else have this experience? Is it possible to live by doing like 3 or 4 instills a day? I know that sounds crazy but I’m just wondering out loud.

    Please don’t mention Liris... I know what it was and it will just depress me since it got canned... no use talking about it.

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    When I first started using the instillation I did have to do them daily and sometimes 2 times a day. I have used the heparin/lidocaine a number of years. Now I need them only during the fall a couple of times a week. I flare with seasonal allergies. Just talk with your MD. I feel sure if he/she has prescribed instills they understand they have to be regulated in the beginning.
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      Is anyone out there unable to get their bladder instillations due to heparin shortage?


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        I certainly hope not! Too many of us depend on it.

        Stay safe

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          I know this is a very late reply but I have been doing lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate and Elmiron installations 1-2 times a day since May 2018. I recently just starting using heparin instead of Elmiron due to fear of the eye issues. I think I might prefer Elmiron instead but it's very similar relief. I find tremendous relief and think its well worth constant installations.
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