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Problems after first instillation

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  • Problems after first instillation

    Hello Everybody I introduce myself: Francesca from Rome, Italy. I am 60 yrs, old I've been suffering from IC in a mild/moderate form for 17 years now, always put up with it with oral medications. Now, since 2017 going back to sex life with a new partner has worsened my IC. I have then decided to start instillations: IALURIL+cortisone. (the most common cocktail in Italy) My symptoms are basically limited at the trigone.(frequency,burning urethra) I had my first instill on Thursday, just a little discomfort, I could even hold 2 hours. However urethra stinged/burnt all day ad now, 48 hrs, after procedure still does and frequency sensation has increased. (although I void higher volumes and pee more freely than before). No UTI for sure (I got antibiotic prophylaxis). My question for the instills' veterans: I imagine my worsening depends from the trauma on urethra, right? Would in the long run these effects will be potentially overlapped by the benefits of the instills? Thank you in advance. Lots of love and hope for all!

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    Some people have found they have trauma from the catheter. Most find the good out weights the bad and continue with instill. I do home instillation. Once I learned my anatomy I I have had no problems with trauma.
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      to the IC Network.

      I agree --- it's not unusual for the first few instillations to be a little uncomfortable --- you might want to ask for lidocaine or Marcaine to be instilled first.

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        So sorry you are in pain. My Urologist used injections of Lidocaine before inserting the catheter - I had to sit for a bit to let it calm my urethra down. Also sent me home with lidocaine jets (don't know if they are made anymore) - I would put lidocaine into the contraption - insert inside me - after instills - to keep the pain down. Also he only used catheters that were FR14 I think - they are the tiniest ones - so it hurt less. I keep viscous lidocaine (script) at home always to insert into urethra now. Unfortunately when you need the instills - you are in severe pain, then they stick the cath up you - causing more pain. Generally I felt better after one - but that is when I got used to them weekly.


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          The bad outweighs the good in my experience. Ask what size catheter they are using. My first urologist used 14 French which too big. I kind of assume with him being a regular urologist they might of not had many smaller catheters being they just see a lot of men. I use a 12 French at home but my current doctors office will just use a 10 French in the office. I know they even make sizes 8 French and 6 French but I've never used them.
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