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    Originally posted by ICNDonna View Post
    My insurance company doesn't cover home instillations, but they are willing to cover the greater expense of instills in my doctor's office.

    SAme here, Donna! They were paying $225 each for me to get them at the Drs. office 3 x a week for 4 years! Yet they are balking at paying the $100 a month for me to do them at home. Doesnt make any sense at all, does it?!!


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      I never knew how good my insurance was until my daughter had surgery on her insurance. She had the surgery while on our insurance a couple of years ago and I think we paid about $200 for the surgery. She is too old to be on our insurance now. Her surgery cost almost $3000 with her insurance.

      I think I have posted my cost for instills. My insurance covers home instills and in the MD’s office. In the office I pay $13 but the office is 90 miles away. That’s why I do home instills. I may have mentioned my cost but we have a $5 copay for generic. It will also cover maintenance meds. for 90days at 30day copay. My urogyn writes the script for 1 daily so meds for 90 treatments cost $15.

      To get the catheters and syringes covered I have to use a durable goods supplier (wheelchair diabetic supplies) The catheters are covered and they cost about $0.50 and the syringe cost $0.10 (I think). The needles are not covered. I have had a time finding a supplier for needles. But my durable supplies provider will sell me the needles at cost..$15 per 100.

      If I do not use durable supplier the syringes are $1 and the catheters are $4 each. I try to get people to check and see if supplies are covered by insurance if you use a durable good supplier. It was something that I found out from the pharmacist. I guess that is what is good about a small town.
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