hello everyone,i know i haven't been on in awhile,i moved and alot has happened.i have been in severe pain since and noone in this state will help me with my pain.i have severe ic and constant pain.my uro referred me to a pain specialist for the 24th,but thats just a pre testing,so i don't know when they'll start meds on me.so nothing for pain for a month and a half i had a bladder instill today for the first time since early march.i am in extreme pain now,stabbing,burning,bladder is huge.this has never happened before.i am ten times worse than before i had it done.i also found out i am retaining a bunch.this pain is excruciating and i have nothing to relieve it.i am worried about why this is happening.please someone tell me this has happened to you before.i am freaking out here.(by the way i live in lexington,kentucky now)