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Cocktails? Is this next best thing to try?

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  • Cocktails? Is this next best thing to try?

    It's been a bit over a year since being dx with IC. I've taken the usual first try meds elmiron, atarax, ect. I don't really think elmiron is doing much good and I am thinking of going off it. I still feel like I need something else to do for treatment.
    Is the bladder cocktails at regular intervals the next best thing to try?
    Do they have studies to say how often it is best to get them?

    I kinda have to figure this out on my own since my attept at the only URo in town failed miserably. My gyn will still help and their next suggestion is cocktails. Should I try this? Is there any cons that I should be aware of?

    Thanks for the advice.

    There can not be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

    March 2006 IC tested positive

    current treatments for IC:
    Zoloft 100mg
    tramadol hcl 50mg (4-8 per day)
    diphenhydramine (1 nightly)
    elavil 25mg, Just started Nov 11

    additional meds for pain if needed:
    tried Elmiron for over year and didn't see much of a change, gained weight

    Also take Lisinolpril for high blood pressure

    Other conditions:
    IBS '93
    depression '94
    stomach ulcers '95
    Mitral Valve Prolaspe Syndrome '01
    Migraines since childhood
    Chronic Fatique '03

    It's not the number of years in your life that matter but rather the life in your years.

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    I have used instillations since the beginning. I am not sure what you mean when you say cons. It may take a little time to learn how to do home instillations. Some have some pain (I don't if I do my own cathing). You may feel it is bothersome to mix the coumpound in the syringe.

    Are there cons to using it for relief of symproms? It's like all the other works for some and it doesn't for others.

    I love it. It takes care of all my symptoms every time.
    TREATMENT: PRN lidocaine/heparin Home Instillations since 2004
    My Helpful Hints for Home Instillation:

    Institute of Female Pelvic Medicine (J. Dell, My MD)
    Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences and offer support. Your physician is the only one to give you medical advice. I hope sharing the information from this site will help you and your physician develop successful management of your IC.
    I post to encourage and offer total support for rescue instillations.
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      hi everyone. i have ic. it has been out of control for 8ys. iam in a flare ,it has been 6days with no relieve.i live in british coulumbia on the north coast.doctors have been no help to me up here.iwould like to find some cocktails to try.i asked my uro about the epodurals that they were having luck with,he phoned around to the other docs and no one has ever heard about that being any help would be great


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        Hi Laura!

        I have been doing the Heaprin/Lidocaine/ and sodium bicarb instills for a year now. I have been doing them at home since January.

        It was scary for me to take the step and do the instills at home, but I am so glad I did!

        My IC is more under control and the instills have definately helped me managed my IC. I do them once a week at home. I can do them more often if needed. Going to the Dr. weekly to do the instills was very inconvienant since I work full time. Some weeks the Dr. would not be in the office and then I would need to skip that week.

        There really are not many cons to the instills. Some people are prone to getting bladder infections. I never really had the bladder infections as frequently as some people with IC have. I just make sure everything is sterile, use gloves and use the bactrim "orange stuff" to kill bacteria before cathing and I have never gotten a bladder infection from doing the instills at home.

        I would give it a try!

        Take care,

        -IC diet
        -Elmiron: 200 mg/per day
        - Lyrica: 200 mg/per day
        -Amitriptyline: (Elavil) 50mg/per day
        - Vesicare 5mg per day
        -Atarax: 25mg/per day
        -Heparin/Lidocaine/Sodium Bicarb instills 5 per week or as needed
        -Prelief as needed