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lube for the cath?

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  • lube for the cath?

    What do you all use to lube the cath before inserting it? I did very well with using lidocaine jelly, but now I find that I am reacting to the preservative in it, and the pharm told me it does not come preservative-free. Any suggestions? It was great for numbing the urethra.


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    I would try the original KY jelly. Works great for me.

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      I use 2% lidocaine in Urojet dispensers. It is preservative free. Here is a link for a website about the urojets.


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        Thanks, both of you. The KY is okay but doesn't give me that extra numbing effect I need in the urethra, especially near the top of it.


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          Wondering of you could ask your Doctor about a buffered lidocane. They usually make them up in a compounding pharmacy.
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            if you react to the MPF lidocaine THEN WHAT?

            Dminton, I was told by romans 8:28 that the preservative in Lidocaine is Methyl paraben or MP and I checked my KY tube that I have not used in years and it is in it as well. If you can handle the KY then it probably is not the preservatives.

            I am wondering if you or I could have an allergy to lidocaine instead of the preservative?

            I had an instill of lidocaine yesterday and am still in a HUGE flare over it!
            the thing is the lido did not numb me AT ALL except that the temperature was cold because it was on ice. the cold felt nice but once it acclimated to my body temp it was like a hot coal was shoved up there!
            I am thinking if you react to the ky it is the preservatives, if not, then if you react to MPFree lidocaine then it is the Lidocaine.

            My Question is if you react to the MPF lidocaine THEN WHAT? there other things to numb?


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              When I have my instill with the lidocaine, it also does not numb me either. I even asked my urogyne why I still have pain when I have a cath inserted even with the lidocaine, and he said the lidocaine really is not that effecttive. I agree. I still get pain even with the lido.
              Now, when I had my first instills with the last urogyne I use to see, she used marcaine instead of lidocaine and that stuff numbed the heck out of me, it numbed me so bad that I had retention and could not even pee after the instill and had cath the to get the stuff out. So that stuff is like way stronger.


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                I use plain old KY when I insert a catheter. The only time I've had lidocaine with with DMSO. It numbs me so much that I totally lose bladder control if I use it just to insert a catheter.

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                  Thanks for the replies! I will think about all of this. Hopefully it's not the lidocaine itself. The lidocaine in the instill doesn't do that much to numb, I agree. The marcaine is really what helps me. I'm about to go to the pharm and see what they were able to get for me in preservative free supplies. Wish me luck!


                  P.S. I heard that the lido works quickly, but does not last long. The marcaine takes longer but lasts longer, at least that's what I was told. I guess that's the reasoning behind using both in an instillation.


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                    Also, it could be just that since you are already inflammed in that area due to the IC, that anything you put there is going to irriate it. I find that everything upsets my bladder, even the instills. I think it is because I am so inflammed as it is.


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                      jen, there's some truth to that!

                      What do you all use to clean off the area before inserting the cath? I've been using babywipes per the uro office, but they are full of chemicals, and my skin is extra-sensitive anyway. I try to do an instill just after showering, but I don't feel that is enough.



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                        I use that pivodine/iodine stuff. It is that brown solution they use in the before they do the instills. It is an antiseptic. I think it is similar to betadine. The one nurse said to just wash with soap and water, but I personally do not think that is enough. I use the antiseptic to be on the safe side.


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                          I experimented with KY this morn...

                          I experimented this morning when I finally stopped burning. I tried plain KY (which contains Methylparaben)and in seconds I felt a stinging pins and needles feeling! So at least I know not to use any thing with that in it any mor If anyone else reads this please let me know if there are alternatives to MPF lidocaine if one has an allergy to both MP and the Lidocaine. Do people who are allergic to lidocaine sensitive to Marcaine also?

                          Also those of you who don't get numb by Lidocaine do you get burning with it?
                          Does anyone get burning with the MPF Lidocaine and KY? just curious before I go searching for the MPF stuff.

                          Lidocaine doesn't numb me at all either. It burns. Now I know MP burns from KY. so if the MPF lido doesn't work I 'd like an idea of what to try next.
                          Is there MPF marcaine?

                          If anyone is allergic to all -cians and MP what do you do?


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                            I was just looking at my lidocaine and it is preservative free. It is the injectable type. It comes in a vile and is for one use only.


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                              I'll be very curious to see what posts come in on this!