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  • Preservative Free Instill Meds

    As promised, here is the thread for preservative free instill meds.
    If you need the NDC#’s for preservative free Lidocaine/Xylocaine or Marcaine/Sensorcaine use this link. Xylocaine is the brand name for Lidocaine and Sensorcaine is the brand name for Marcaine.

    If you need the NDC#’s for preservative free Heparin use this link. You will need to scroll down to the last page to get the numbers. This link has the NDC#’s for 1,000 and 5,000 and 10,000 Unit preservative free Heparin vials.

    If you need the NDC# for preservative free lidocaine 2% in the urojet dispensers use this link.

    If you need help figuring out the NDC# you need, please send me a pm with the drug name, the drug’s strength, and the vial size.

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    Hi, Mary,

    I was able to get some NDC numbers that I needed, thank you! The only thing I still wonder about is the sodium bicarb. I think I heard that it never has preservatives, is that true? (I wonder why?)

    Wish me luck getting these items from the pharmacy!



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      I went to the link for lidocaine jelly, and there are two form it comes in; one says "uro-jet AC" and the other one does not say AC. Do you know what the difference is?


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        Sodium Bicarb is only available in a single use vial. I have no idea what the AC stands for. I use the 200mg/10ml urojets.