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  • Question about LoFric cath

    Question for anyone using the LoFric catheter. Do you use a lubricant with it? If so, what do you use? Xylocaine Jelly? KY. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    I use the LoFric Ready Kits. I love them. Unless you are reusing the catheters, you shouldn't need to use any lube. Just soak the catheter in sterile water for 30 seconds and it should be slippery. I use Lidocaine Jelly 2% in the Uro-Jet dispensers after I am done to help relax my irritated urethra.


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      Thanks, I'm not familiar with the Uro-Jet dispenser, how does it work and what is it's purpose?


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        uro-jet dispenser


        Uro-jet is 2% xylocaine in a preloaded syringe (no needle). Mine has 5 ml in it. I have used it sometimes after I have urinated out an instillation, because that is when my urethra is most sore. Usually I just wash myself off with cool water after urinating and make sure I have taken some pain medication about a 1/2 hour before I urinate out the instillation. The uro-jets cost a fair bit.

        Astro Zeneca also makes syringes pre-loaded with 2% xylocaine 10 ml.

        In the USA you likely need prescriptions for both.



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          The Urojets do require an Rx. I can get them through my mail out pharmacy, so I pay $35.00 for 270 of them. The lidocaine 2% jelly is available in cheaper forms. Instead of coming in an Urojet dispenser, the jelly would come in a white bottle about 3 inches high and 1 inch in diameter. The bottle comes with a cone shaped tip that you can screw onto the bottle. I didn't like the lidocaine in the white bottle because I didn't have a way to sterilize the cone tip. The Urojets are single use only so I don't have to worry about sterilizing anything.


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            Great results with Lofric

            I got an instillation with the Lofric cath today. It was so much better I could jump for joy. Afterward, I had no urethrethral pain, and before I had 24 hours of misery. I have not gotten to the point where I want to do my own instills yet because we are using the rescue instills to treat a bad flare. But, I do think if it ever becomes necessary to do instills on an ongoing basis, I would now be able to do them wth this great catheter. Thanks to all who gave me good advice.


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              Where do you get the lo-fric catheters? Do you need a prescription for them? Also are they latex free? I am doing at home instills and I use the female 6 in. long catheters, and they are 14 french I believe. I am interested in the lo-fric caths though. I would need them to be latex free of course though.


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                Lofric is latex free. You need a doctor's prescription for any catheter. If you get your doctor's rx, you can call Astra pharm. the makers and they will send you samples in the size and length you like. For more info go to If you like them, you can probably get a local medical supply company to order them for you. Hope this helps.


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                  Astratech will send you samples so that you can figure out what length and French size works best for you. Astratech will not file a claim with your insurance, but they will get you set-up with a distributor. If PDR accepts your insurance, go with them.
                  All of the LoFric catheters are latex free. I use the Ready Kits because I have to cath at school in the bathroom and in my dorm room. The Ready Kits come with sterile gloves, a sterile water pouch, a betadine swab, and the catheter with a urine collection bag. If you are cathing at home, the regular LoFric catheters would probably be the best choice cost wise.