I was real nervous about getting this instill yesterday. My only other instill was after my PST two weeks ago and for those who remember, it was the most painful experience of my life and threw me into a flare. This time I had a female nurse-practitioner and she used a red-robin or red-rubber cathether which is a lot more flexible. She also used extra lubrication and lidocaine gel. ALSO- she didn't use Betadine this time. I am not allergic to iodine that I know of but after being swathed in Betadine for my d&c last year I had some major burning with urination so the nurse decided to let me clean up good with some alcohol wipes before hand and hopefully I won't have any infections. I have read a lot on these boards but never heard about anyone having problems with Betadine but I do think it's a problem for me so I thought I'd throw it out there. The NP had a lot more trouble getting the red rubber catheter in (lots more wiggling) but it wasn't as uncomfortable for me this time. I will see the Uro-GYN on Monday and he will perform my next instill. I pray that it wasn't his technique and I will make sure he uses the red rubber cath and hopefully this time he'll let me relax a bit more. I took 1.0 mg of Ativan to help me as well and I'll be doing that everytime now until I can get myself comfortable with the whole process. I do have a bit more pain today than normal but I am figuring this is normal anytime anyone messes around down there?? My hope is that a day or two of extra discomfort will be worth the results after 3 weeks of these instills (3 times a week). Any feedback ladies?? Thanks!! And I hope this post was helpful to those who have had trouble with instills. Charisse