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Trying a series of Instills for the first time.

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  • Trying a series of Instills for the first time.

    I'm starting a series of instills, which I have never tried before. I had my first one and will continue for 6 weeks. Not only am I having a flare, I twisted my knee pretty badly on 4-13 and am wearing a brace. I had an MRI, but it didn't show a tear, thankfully, just a bad sprain. It's really painful to walk on. I am so sick of pain. I ordered one of the TENS machines and it got here today, so will also try that.

    My friend who also has IC said that the instill series really helped her after about 3 weeks and improved her IC for about 4 months. That would be heaven!

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    Good luck Jocotter! I hope both the TENS and bladder instillations help you to get some relief soon!
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      I hope the instills work for you. I started instill at 3 a week for several weeks and had to increase to daily for a while. Now I instill maybe once every 4 weeks..except during allergy season. During those times of the year 4 or 5 instills a week is probably about normal for me. The ingredients of the instills differ as much as the response to them.
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