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    For the men out there I would like to hear your experience with Instills. My URO keeps suggesting this to break a several week long IC flare. After having a cystoscopy a couple times and how painful the couple days were after that it's hard to agree with doing such a similar procedure (although I know the instill catheter will not be as nasty as the cystoscopy equipment).

    Also, how long does the instill have a positive effect on pain, etc...just 2-3 days?

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    I am a female, but have noticed a couple of men going for instillations when I am scheduled at my doctor's office. I admit to thinking I am glad I'm not a man with IC. So I don't know the answer.


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      Had the "cocktail" today

      Had cocktail of 3 drugs today (6 hours ago). Not sure what they were but the procedure was much more painful then I expected and my prostate and bladder feel notably worse then they did before the instill. As it stands I had to pop some urinary pain relief pills, motrin, and a vicodin this evening which I wouldn't normally do and even that isn't helping much. I'm sure others have had a better experience then me but if the reason to do instills is just to get a break from the pain for 2-3 days then I would try other pain management methods 1st. If you have a painful prostate already going into the procedure I especially wouldn't recommend it.


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        I am so sorry you have not found relief with the instills. I am not sure what kind of instill you are getting. There are 1000's of different cocktails. ( When my urogyne called it that I told him I was sure that it sounded a lot better than it was). A number of things can cause problems when doing instills. One of the biggest problems is the size of the catheter. I use an 8fr pediatric feeding tube. It is very small. Others have noticed that they are sensitive to the ingredients in the instill. There have been post from icers that are sensitive to the latex catheters. With the ladies it helps to apply lidocaine gel to help numb the entrance to the bladder. Sometimes the person doing the procedure is not as skilled as some. I do home instillations and have learned how to insert the catheter without any pain.
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          If my only symptom is penile/urethral pain...

          It would seem to me that an instill would make this even worse. I base this on the fact that after having a cystoscopy a couple months ago, I felt like I was peeing shards of glass for a couple days.

          Unless I'm not understanding this procedure and the time period of relief it can provide. I guess if it is helpful for several weeks, it may be beneficial, but the first couple days after having anything in my urethra would not seem to provide instant relief by any means and would most likely make me feel much worse.

          Someone please clarify this for the guys out there like me with no bladder pain. I'm assuming my pain is referred from the bladder to the penile tip possibly.


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            The size of the cath needed to do a cysto is much bigger than the size of cath used for a instil. you might be fine with a much smaller cath.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              I have found that I am worse for 24 hours after an instill and then suddenly it's better for the next few days. I'm so sorry for your pain.

              I hate dealing with chronic pain. It totally sucks.