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    I heard that DMSO is outdated by one urologist. Another urologist told me to try DMSO. I'm confused... will it help me or harm me? I know everybody is different...but what is your experience/knowledge of DMSO? I'm probably going to try uracyst first but I am just wondering. The urologist who suggested DMSO seemed to be very ignorant of IC, since he advocated for only 1-2 pills of emiron/day (I'm on 4/day), told me that he was surprised my hair hadn't fallen out yet (which almost gave me a freaken panic attack...), hadn't heard of prosed, and suggested botox...which is listed as controversial here. I do not want to try anything controversial until I have tried all of the basics- more elavil, etc, and anything naturopathic first. He also called the IC network "militant" and "anti-establishment," without me even bringing it up! apparently, we are frustrated that the medical community doesn't have a cure yet. well yeah...duh. but that doesn't mean that the IC network is militant or anti-establishment obviously...


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    We actually have many members here who were referred to this site by their urologists. That said, I can share my experience with DMSO.

    I haven't had DMSO instillations for about four years now, but they did help me for several years. When I first started DMSO, the instillations were very painful for several days afterwards. I was ready to tell my uro no more when I woke up one morning and realized I had slept through the night. That was enough to convince me to continue. I had eight weekly instills, then went to once a month.

    If you opt to do DMSO, you'll want to be sure it is diluted so the solution is no more than 25% DMSO --- Rimso50 (DMSO) is 50% DMSO so it needs to be further diluted.

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