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Can self-catheterization cause prolonged urethral burning?

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  • Can self-catheterization cause prolonged urethral burning?

    I learned how to self-cath on Tuesday at Stanford. With the nurse's help, I instilled a cocktail of marcaine, bicarb, heparin and a steroid into my bladder. It was excruciatingly painful to catheterize myself, the kind of pain where you go from calm and determined one second to having tears streaming down your face the next.

    I'm not really sure if the instill helped at all. This was my third kind of instill- I had URacyst instills in April, two elmiron-lidocaine instills in July, and now this one. I have never felt prolonged or major relief from pain, urgency or frequency. THe only thing I've felt is less pain in my bladder for the hour after the instill until I first void.

    Mostly, the urethral pain and irritation that has followed the instills completely negates the somewhat relieved feeling in my bladder.

    BUt this time, for the first time, I have had urethral burning for the rest of the week! This has never been a problem for me before but ever since this last instill, my urethra has just felt worse every day. :-( It never hurt at all before!!!!!! I'm really worried that this is going to be a new problem for me. It feels like burning, it's just awful. I've had IC for 8 months, and the only other time my urethra felt like this was in first weeks when I was suffering and still drinking coffee.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
    IC symptoms since Dec. 12 2010 after confirmed bladder infection "never went away." Recently also diagnosed with PCOS, piriformis syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction, sinus issues. I was in great health before fall 2010.
    Current medications: citalopram 40 mg, valium 2.5 mgs a night, lidocaine patch (for back pain), Prelief
    Therapies tried or continuing: stretches, walks, baths, internal massage, physical therapy, IC diet, IF unit, heating pad, mindfulness based stress reduction classes, cognitive therapy, books on IC and pelvic pain...

    Drugs Tried: the urinary analgesics, 4 kinds of muscle relaxants (including in suppository form), hydroxyzine, 3 kinds of TCA's, lyrica, cymbalta, 6 months elmiron, vesicare, antibiotics, prednisone (after sinus surgery), NSAIDS...
    Supplements: over 20 herbs and supplements, including regimens from TCM practitioner and a naturopathic MD
    Intravesical/Surgical: 3 instills of Uracyst, 2 “rescue instills” lidocaine, bicarb, elmiron; 1 self-instill of marcaine, a steroid, bicarb and heparin; 1 hydrodistention and capsaicin instill (made me worse, still recovering two months later...)
    Other: Acupuncture treatments, magnets (LOL), Anti-Candida Diet (2 months), Wheat free diet, water pH

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    I think it would be a good idea to be checked to be sure you don't have an infection. And since the catheterization was painful for you, you might want to ask for additional instruction. You may need smaller catheters or just some change in procedure.

    Stay safe

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      There are posters that have had the problems you have experienced. You might want to search for older post on this topic and see what was suggested for them or maybe try to pm them.

      There are numerous things that can cause the problems you have had. According to Dr. Dell, the lidocanie/heparin instill do help about 80% of the people that try instills, but that still leaves 20% that are not helped. Try not to be discouraged. Most people do find successful treatment for IC.

      Keep us up to date with your treatment. So many people gain knowledge from experiences of others.
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