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Need catheter help for rescue install

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  • Need catheter help for rescue install

    Hi All,
    I had my first rescue installation at my doctors office last week. It really helps my bladder, but it super irritated my urethra so much so that I couldn't even sit comfortably for three days. After looking online here, I think the problem is that my doctor used a catheter that was too large. I'm interested in using a lo Fric 8 fr catheter. For those of you who do installations with lo Fric catheters, do you need an adapter or something at the end of it which connects to the syringe with the medication or do u just need the catheter that will connect to the syringe? My doctor said he would be willing to use a smaller catheter, if I brought one in, but I'm just not sure I know exactly what I need to make sure that he can get the medicine into the lofric catheter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Julie

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    Re: Need catheter help for rescue install

    I use an 8x15 fr pediatric feeding tube. This isn't a low fric catheter. I order them from a local durable supplies provider. The last time I ordered they were $4 each. Dr. Dell approves using the catheter 4 times. This feeding tube connects directly to a luer-lock syringe. I use a 30cc syringe. The total volumn is 9cc.
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