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Cystoscopy with Bladder Instillation & distention

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  • Cystoscopy with Bladder Instillation & distention

    My Urologist has scheduled me to have a Cystoscopy & Bladder Instillation which will include distention of my bladder and inserting an anesthetic cocktail which will be held in the bladder for 20 to 30 minutes before removing it.
    Has anyone in this forum had this procedure and was there any lasting side effects? In my case this procedure will be done in a hospital Out Patients using anesthesia during the procedure. I suffer from painful IC episodes which is not responding well to diligently following the IC diet.

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    Re: Cystoscopy with Bladder Instillation & distention

    My last few hydrodistentions have included putting Marcaine in my bladder --- the Marcaine helped make the procedure close to pain free for me. Will this be your first hydrodistention?

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      Re: Cystoscopy with Bladder Instillation & distention

      Thank you ICNDonna for your reply. This is my first hydrodistention. My surgeon did say that mixed in with the "cocktail of medications he will wash the bladder with will be a numbing agent like Lydicaine. I am not sure if this is similar to Marcaine. Norma


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        Re: Cystoscopy with Bladder Instillation & distention

        My first one in Jan was great and symptom free for almost 5 months, not as lucky with this second one but still some relief. I hope it works well for you, some say it can last for years>
        Have had symptoms since March 2010
        Have tried: Ditropan, Detrol, Aloe Vera, Uribel, Myrbetriq, Vesicare, others I can't remember
        Diagnosed Jan 2016, with cysto/hydro,(no hunners) worked great for 4 months, another hydro in July
        I just started drinking Aloe again and taking hemp oil which is getting great reviews!!
        25mg hydroxyzine before bed,
        25(was on 50) mg Elavil before bed, now on 400mg Elmiron, since about Sept.
        valium suppositories when needed
        Ambien before bed
        for a CURE,