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    I suffer with IC, Muscle and joint pains and severe IBS.

    I have tried all sorts of meds and none work. I have tried various 'alternatives' such as marshmallow teas, quercetin MSM and L'arginine, bicarb of soda drinks etc.

    I've not had the success I wish for and wondered whether anyone had tried a total naturopathic approach. Apparently really hard to keep up.

    Naturopaths believe that once our systems are not working properly our bodies show a host of symptoms i.e. IBS, fibro etc. They advocate going back to basics. Eating only veg, juices etc for weeks. Then white meat and veg whilst also supplementing with specific herbs, vitamins, pills specifically for you.

    There is a naturopath near me but the cost is expensive (Not as expensive as private doctors though). But I've just lost my job because of IC and cannot claim any state benefit so I thought I'd ask whether any of the IC family had already been down this road and whether it had helped them?


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    I haven't seen a naturopath, but I intend on seeing a Homeopathic MD sometime soon. Even sooner than that (within the next 2 weeks) I am going to see a holistic nutritionist, where I will probably be put on a diet that will eventually lead to "healing" or better health? Not too sure--but I can let you know all about it when I go...just let me know if you're interested in hearing about it. I am currently a nutrition major, so all this naturoopath business really perks my interest.


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      FYI: I haven't seen a naturopath, but I called one who was sure she could help me. Lots of things happened at that time that got in the way (long story, aren't they all?) of my following through. She did suggest that I see a nutritionist who does juicing as a means of cleansing. I was so sick after starting the juicing that my husband tried to get me hospitalized--seems that juicing is just too hard for an ic'er like me. Also, I'm on narcotics which are so toxic and I think compounded the effects of the detoxing process . . and I didn't know that spinach makes me flare (drank a big ole' glass of carrot and spinach juice to start off the diet). . . and also I didn't know at the time that I had a stomach parasite of some sort which lasted for 2 months and is still irritating my system. So be cautious--we're all so different it's hard to say what might work. Best wishes and hope you find something that helps.


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        Sorry to be negative on this but Naturopathy was something I tried, unsuccessfully, 10 years ago. At least it didn't aggravate my IC, except that one of the herbal supplements gave me a severe allergic skin rash.


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          Thanks for the replies.

          I'd be really interested to see how you go on with the appointment you've got with the natural MD.

          I've heard that you shouldn't try detoxing, herbs etc without advice and medical follow up as its just too complicated.

          Let us know how you get on.

          Von xx


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            hi von,

            I think nutrition can only help.

            while i was going to the trouble of doing an elimination diet..i figured i'd go all out.. it made sense to me. if my bladder is ultra sensitive to acid it probably doesnt like meat fed antibiotics either right!!
            well i too could not afford anyone cause of the lost job thingie... so i became a health nut... if you have a whole foods any where near you.. you can do it almost as cheap as a regular grocer... i eat only a small variety of foods now... but it really has helped.

            i was flare free for several months... til i had the flu.. that triggered a rather nasty flare I'm still dealing with..but i'm still much better since i have gone organic..
            i have also given up foods that are known alergins to family members like wheat, dairy, and gluten... just in case... at first it was hard but i found great brown rice substitutes and it as really helped me...

            In addition, I found I can tolerate "Perfect food" Which is a non vitamin -vitamin like suppliment which helps give me the nutrients with out the vitamin burn.. i tink its helping the tiredness...but then agin.. i'm trying it all.. the diet.. th yoga...the meds... i'm fighting ic.. tooth and

            By the way

            MY best 2 food tricks for a real bad flare is:
            Tzao's Refresh Mint tea
            and rice cakes drenched in sweet rice syrup.
            The tea sems to sooth the burn and the cakes is just really sticky indulgence lol.

            I would love to hear fom anybody who can affrd to actually get the advice of a bonafide nutrionist as i do believe the nutrition aspect of helping in dealing with ic is critical.

            hang in there

            Randy Sarner


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              Dear Randy,

              Good on you for trying.

              I'm thinking about going to a nutrionist who is also a naturopath.

              They believe that we need to rebuild our bodies by detox/elimination, then supplementation (it is believed that if you have bad gut health you might not necessarily absorb all the goodness out of the food even if you do eat well) and well they basically try to guide you - I'm like you fighting as much as I can. I have had IC for 3 years and have lost my job etc, like a lot of others but 4 months ago I started with terrible muscle pains and now have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm am convinced that my body is so low it cannot fight back and I'm trying to look at ways of helping it.

              When I've saved up some money (I won't be able to afford to eat soon!!!!) I'm going to look into this and I'll be sure to let you all know what happens.

              After all, I can't get worse so I've got to try.

              Von xx


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                I've been to a homeopath--actually two of them. He taught me a few things, but I can't say the visits were worth the money. (But, this is just my experience with 2 specific people. I had to see a countless number of doctors before I got anywhere there are probably some good ones out there somewhere.)

                Anyhow--basically they offered chiropractic adjustments as a solution. And, I tried it. It did relieve symptoms a bit--for about a day. We did some diet modification, but nothing other than the stuff you can read about yourself on the ICA website. He gave me acidopholus--to replace positive bacteria. Things like that. We did a blood test as well to find out what I was allergic to. There are other vitamin/supplement treatments--freeze dried aloe. For me, nothing worked.

                I teach Pilates and Meditation and this honestly has helped more than anything I could swallow. I have fibro. too--so the Pilates helps me build my muscle and the Meditation does something to help me relax/rejuvenate. I'm better able to handle pain/stress etc. when it does come when I'm regularly practicing these two forms of exercise. I have many clients/participants with fibro/IBS/etc. etc. Even some who've had brain surgery and other illnesses---and they all say the program is their saving grace. I don't know if it would work for everyone, but I'd give it a try.

                Just like many of you have said--it can't get worse.

                GOOD LUCK!!


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                  Hi Von: hi

                  Last Thursday I saw a naturopath. He looked into my eyes with a light and was able to tell me some things about my body I more or less knew already. He told me that I'm full of inflammation, namely my liver, colon and bladder. Since IC is an inflammatory condition, this makes sense. He gave me three herbs to try in tea form (Horsetail, Cornsilk, Burdock). They're suppossed to be helpful for the urinary tract. Cornsilk, I believe, is an anti-inflammatory. For my liver, he gave me Bitterbark in liquid form, which I mix in water and drink.

                  He advised me to avoid dairy products as they can cause gas, bloating and inflammation. He added that I should be eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and not too much animal protein.

                  I'll keep you posted on how I do. I think the herbal combination is beginning to help my bladder some. Hopefully this will continue with time. I'm also taking Feverfew to help prevent migraines. So far so good with that! If I take the recommended number of capsules on the bottle, I don't get a migraine. The naturopath also gave me a supplement of Kelp with Iodine for my hypoactive thyroid.

                  I explained my concerns about the safety or lack of safety of long term use of prescription drugs for years for my thyroid and over-the-counter drugs for migraines. Because drugs, when taken for a long time, can be toxic, I would love to be able to eventually get off them and only take natural supplements. Having a body full of toxins may be a major trigger for IC as well as other health conditions. Hopefully with the right diet and supplements toxins can be cleared from the system and healing can take place.

                  Good luck with your naturopath.

                  Happy Mardi Gras!

                  Zanni2 jester


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                    I have taken Armour dessicated thyroid for 45 years and the only problems I've had with hypothroidism was when my Dr. thought Synthroid would be better than Armour. The change really upset me and I never could get my thyroid adjusted to the Synthroid. Armour is considered a natural product. Feverfew is also an anti-inflamatory and it cured my migraine headaches ,that and not eating chocolate which is no longer a problem as an IC no-no.


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                      I've just recently started working with a naturopathic doctor. Since each person has different symptoms, the supplements she has recommended were prescibed for my individual needs. There was a long questionaire I answered that gave her the whole picture of what I should try. I should be receiving the shipment soon.


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                        I was seeing a naturopath last summer. I also have hypoglycemia & she put me on a bunch of supplements for that. I think I take 30-35 pills/day, vitamins & supplements. I was on a supplement for IC called IC Blend for 3 months, but didn't see any results, so I quit. She said I should have seen something by then if it was going to work. It's all very expensive, but I do think the supplements help w/ my blood sugar control. One thing I've tried off & on is marshmallow root tea - supposed to be very soothing to the bladder. You can buy the dry root at a health food store & make it in a drip coffee maker. Good luck. Let me know if anything works.


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                          My only advice is to make sure they know something about IC...I've talked to folks who have gone to naturapaths who knew nothing about IC...(They are so wholistic, which is great, but sometimes it helps to know about specific conditions)

                          I would like to go to one that alot of my friends go to. It is a tough regime but if you can stick to it, and the person knows what they are doing..well, it could be helpful...let us know if you can find a way to do it.

                          I.C. DX'd following my "second hysterectomy" (the remaining ovary, that kept bursting and bleeding 2 years after my hyster/right oompherectomy, was removed in 2003. I was a special ed teacher. I am now very lost, and feeling rather hopeless in my life.

                          Medications I CURRENTLY take:
                          90 mgs Ms contin (45 mgs Am/PM)
                          Percocet as needed
                          Topomax 100mg day
                          Ambien 10 mg bed
                          desipramine 25 mgs

                          If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
                          Albert Einstein