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Ester-C and quercitin

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  • Ester-C and quercitin

    Does anyone have problems taking Ester-C? I think it is supposed to be a non-acidic vitamin C that helps you absorb quercitin. It says that it is "vitamin C as calcium ascorbate from Ester-C". Would hate to cause worsening of symptoms. Thanks!

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    I did have problems with Ester-C. I have not found a C yet that I can take. frown

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      Weird...I'm so sensitve to everything but started Vit. C after IC diagnosis..(Did not want the damn crud that is going around my family, again and again and again.) I'm the only one to not get the flu, crud this winter....and the Vit. C didn't seem to worsen my symptoms...course, I also take Quercitin which could counter act those effects, who knows...along with my trusty hydroxozine.

      Sorry it doesn'twork for you

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        I have been taking ester-C for over 6 months and have had no problems. I try to get all my supplements at GNC. If you have a problem after starting it they will take back the bottle and refund your money, or you could try something else. The ester-C is buffered. Others on here take different kinds of C. I think it is all individual. Hope this helps.



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          I take Natrol Ester-C 500mgs every day without any problems and I am sensitive to almost everything.

          Hope that helps, Cate