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    Amrit Willis has been recommending HLC Human Probiotics on another discussion forum. Has anybody here had any experience with them...good or bad? Most probiotics are soil- or bovine-based. It makes sense to me that human probiotics would be better for the system than something else.

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    I have never heard of it could you explain?
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      Correct me if I am WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY OFF here but itsn't this a fancy word for getting rid of the yeast that is in everyone's system
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        I talked to an Endo specialist office on teh phone & the nurse told me that I should take Probiotics to help regulate my IBS. I asked my Uro about them & he said said that he does not have an opinion either way. It can't hurt to take tehm but he hasn't had anyone be helped by taking them. What it is is live bacteria, the good kind, that we already have in our bodies. I don't know if I could drink something that is alive :p