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  • SAM-e

    Has anyone tried the supplement SAM-e?

    Sounds like it might could help, although it is quite expensive. Below is what a couple of sitehad to say about it.

    (1)Dietary Supplement

    Mood Enhancer*

    Beneficial levels of SAMe (S-Adenosylmethione-Methionine), an amino acid naturally produced by the body, may be reduced by aging. Many studies exist regarding the use of SAMe supplementation to enhance mood and promote a positive outlook without side effects. Clinical studies also show SAMe contributes to joint health by stimulating the production of GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans), important components of connective tissue.

    (2) SAMe is a distinct form of the amino acid methionine. In clinical studies, SAMe has been found to stimulate the production of GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans), important components of connective tissue.


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    Hey Mike!

    I have thought about trying this product as well but i'm really worried about taking pills to change levels of chemicals in my brain..As far as I know Sam-E isnt available in North America but there is something called 5-HTP that act's the same way and can be found at most health stores..Let us know if you go ahead with trying it!



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      SAM-e is available in every health food store, Costco and even some Drugstores carry it.
      I think you can get it cheaper if you check healthfood stores online. hi


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        I tried SAMe and I don't think anything happened. I'm trying again ( I have a lot of bottles of it).
        I wondered if the brand I got is potent.
        I got IC in 1970! I was not diagnosed until 1991. I've tried many drugs and therapies but I tend to only resort to drugs when in a flare because when I am not in a flare (from being good on diet), I suffer only from small bladder volume (like about 7 ozs.) and peeing will relieve the discomfort. When I am feeling relatively normal, I say to myself I am glad I am not on a drug. When I am in a flare, I say, why am I not on a drug! I've recently have been trying to solve my connective issue problems in general. I look to diet and herbs mostly unless it gets really bad. I still think there is great hope for each individual finding a path to healing and there are many.