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MSM, anyone?

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  • MSM, anyone?

    Has anyone had luck with MSM for their bladder? Thanks!

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    I've had luck with MSM. I've been on it for about 2 mos. My physical therapist had recommended it.
    I've been getting the cystoscopy hydrodistention every 6 mos for the past 3 yrs. I was due to have another one in January but, because of the MSM I haven't had the surgery. I've also gone off of Elmiron and hydroxine.


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      MSM is deffinatly a good thing.

      I have posted many past posts on here about it, and for more information, you should check out the guy who studied MSM with IC specifically....the lab is now called Jacob Labs but the study was done a few years ago out of OHSU (Oregon Health and Sciences U). My doctor is a firm believer in MSM for things from IC to asthma, even body cleansing and toxicity. If you can remember back to your basic chemistry, which I dont know that I do, haha, its a sulfer bond. So, it can bind with almost anything in your body, and help you excrete or get rid of it by these very strong disulfide bonds. It therefore has anthistaminic, antiinflammatory, and cleansing properties. It also aids in the absorption of other vitamins, or nutrients.

      The action of the MSM depends upon the dose. It is best to start small. The small dose can have the antiinflammatory effect. Then work your way up, the higher dose can have a more antihistaminic dose.

      This is just a breif bit but I hope it helps. You can find much more infomation here on past boards or at the OHSU site.

      Good luck!!
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        Thanks, DAWN and rnewman! I ordered Jacob's book "Miracle of MSM" from Amazon and look forward to reading it. I am also researching his use of DMSO2. Also considering taking Quercitin. I have IC, asthma, IBS.


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          I started taking Dr Jacob's MSM in December 03.
          I take the liquid oral twice a day and use the gel twice a day in the vaginal area for the vulvadynia. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my pain and have lots of energy - I tried over the counter MSM a few years ago and couldn't take it. Dr Jacob's is the only one I can take. I had to start with a very small dosage and then increased it gradually.