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    Hi! I am a new member. Donna has been helping me understand how to use the chatroom. Here goes! Yorkiegirl, I sent you a private message that never went?? Wanted to say how much I appreciated your comments - yes, never take hope away. I got Dr. Stoll's website on ICN. He asked me to write a testimonial - - may be in the Archives by now but called: Interstitial Cystitis - More than meets the eye. Too long to cross over here. And, I guess, a testimonial is not too chatty! I have meditated 17 yrs and have never believed IC "happened" to me. It is a reality I have created through my thoughts and beliefs, and what I am now learning, years of bracing my body. PLEASE don't throw me out with the bathwater. Who has read up on Dr. Stoll's skilled relaxation techniques? I trust my own inner guidance and while I bypassed his site, later on in meditation Spirit made it clear to go back. Who has looked into understanding the deeper meaning of their IC? I know it's 24/7 and after 6 months it was Dr. Stoll who triggered a return to my going more deeper within. It is easy to get caught up externally with the best, and, as we all know, the worst of treatments. I know the deisre for the magic bullet but there is so much more and when we're so busy being "out there" we're not inside where our personal Truth lies. I hope some of you will look at what I wrote. I do discuss visceral manipulation. I personally do Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and subjective channelling. Without that and my connection to Spirit I'd hate to think how bad the IC could be. And, yes, diet is ultra helpful. There are many tools but I feel in what I have read here this very important part of who we are in wholeness - well, I haven't seen it addressed; and maybe it has been. Does anybody want to reply and clue me in? Like you I continue to look for answers, maybe at times in different places than some. My love, compassion to us all. We are all champions in the making - never label ourselves as suffers, because that is what we'll get - we are what we think! Hope I didn't stand on any toes! Katyy.