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  • IC friendly multivitamin

    Does anyone know of any brands of IC and VV friendly multivitamins? I know they can be troublesome in the multi form. Even if you take your individual vitamins seperately, is there a particular brand that seems IC and VV friendly?

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    Hi July,

    I often suggest that ICers try "everything free" children's vitamins from the health food fillers, artificial colors or flavors. They are less than half the dose of adult, which pretty much no one needs anyway. If you want a list, let me know. I asked another dietitian once and she gave me LOTS of them to consider!
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      Thanks Julie! I sent you a pm with my email address for the list.


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        I take a multi from the health food store (the store brand) that has calcium ascorbate (ester-C) rather than regular ascorbic acid as its vitamin C component. Although I'm also sensitive to B vitamins, I can take this multi, with its Bs, without any problem, as long as it doesn't have the dreaded ascorbic acid in it. I've found it at 2 health food stores, Mother's and I THINK Whole Foods brands.


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          Hi, I'm interested in your post about the multi you seem to be able to tolerate. I can't take B vitamins at all and am freaking out because my labs show I am extremely low in them despite a good diet; and my overall health is suffering greatly from this deficiency. Do you have the brand name? Thanks!



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            I would like to know the specific brand, too. Is it just the Whole Foods store brand?


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              It's Mother's Iron-Free Basic Multi, which I bought at Mother's Market, a local health food store. I also got the exact same formulation at another health food store, but can't remember which one - it would be either Henry's or Whole Foods, and again it was called either Henry's Iron-Free Basic Multi or Whole Foods Iron-Free Basic Multi. Good luck!


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                Thanks Diane!