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  • Homeopatic

    My urologist shares 20 pts with this homeopathic doctor I went to see him and I am feeling a little better after 6 days I am taking supplements, vitamins, probiotics, out of the 20 pts thier overall symptoms have improved by 80% I will keep you posted I just thought it was worth a try my urolist an MD referred him and they share patients pretty unusual . BUT I AM HOPEFUL!!

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    Great news! Please continue to share your information with us!!


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        I have to share my own experience here. Came home last Tuesday with several homeopathic remedies and started taking them right away.

        In addition had talked to a friend of my sister's who had IC in '98 before they knew much about it. She had been going to an alterative health care provider for her son. When she discussed her bladder problems the provider told her to take these OTC remedies:

        Green Magma powder (has a mild taste) 4x a day
        Flax Oil
        Probiotics - 3x a day
        Corn Silk capsules - 3x day

        This is what cured her. Now she only has flare-ups when she eats something like a whole tomato!

        I incorporated a modified version of these into my diet and now I'm only having to go to the bathroom TWICE a night, instead of four times! And that's only after a week. Now, I can't say for sure what's helping me. Maybe it's the combination of it all. I still get pelvic pain when I eat the wrong thing and don't pay enough attention to the labels. But I am REALLY hopeful.

        The Green Magma powder really has a mild flavor. It's green like Spirulina, but not nasty tasting. I asked my sister's friend why the power instead of the tablet, and that's because it gets into your system faster. You take it on an empty stomach, then don't eat for 20 minutes.

        I don't care for the flavor of flax seed oil, so I got capsules that I take three times a day. That way I'm sure to get it in.

        Probiotics....I'm taking the ones my naturopathic doc had recommended anyway. Very high bacterial count.....good bacteria.

        Corn silk seems to increase my frequency, so I'm not doing that. Everyone is different.

        You guys have been so great. Maybe this will help someone else.