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  • Blueberry Leaf Tea

    Has anyone had success with Blueberry Leaf Tea? I know I read about it somewhere on this site. I am in Australia and having trouble finding the tea. Plenty of places on the net I can purchase it from the the States but it becomes rather expensive when you have to pay shipping etc.

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    I have never tried it, but, I am sure someone will be able to give you some info.
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      While I like blueberry leaf tea, it increases my frequency ten-fold so I steer clear.
      Thats not to say you'll react the same way; the only way you'll know for sure is to try it and see.

      Have you tried posting on the Australia thread? Perhaps someone there will be able to assist you in finding the tea locally so you can avoid shipping costs.

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        Gloria J,
        I tried Bluberry leaf tea a few weeks ago thinking it would taste like, well, blueberries! It didn't. It was very bitter, even with honey. I bought the organic kind so it was JUST blueberry leaves (no preservatives, additives, rose hips, caffein, etc.) I had quite a bit of burning and frequency, so I am not going to try it again. But like Diana said, you may not have any issues with it. I tend to react poorly to any tea except organic peppermint. I found mine at a natural food store, but later I found the brand I bought is at several local grocery stores. I am in the states, though, so I know that isn't super helpful.
        Hope you can find some soon!
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          I don't know where you are that you can find it, but here in NC US I saw it at walmart, kmart, and the ingles grocery store. I don't know if there is one of those around you or how much the shipping would be from those stores online. Sorry I can't answer your question better. You might try ebay.
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