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  • Help me make a decision

    I have been staring at a bottle of aloe vera and a bottle of cysta q for two weeks now and have yet to try either. I am having my first flare in years (could eat and drink whatever). My dr thinks I will heal on my own with rest. But should I try them to help out the process? What do you guys think? Thanks

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    Rest, hot baths, heating pad, urised and a pain pill, are my tools of choice during a nasty flair. I don't know anything about aloe or cysta q.
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      tried both (different times) flared w/both.


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        I have some CystaQ; I haven't taken any for a while, but I did find it an effective pain killer.

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          Trust your instincts! That is how I've gotten to where I'm @ today. Cysta Q flared me BIG time & aloe vera didn't do anything for me. If you do try either, take one thing @ a time & see if you notice a difference. It's a trial & error thing that is what makes it so darned frustrating & difficult.

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            Aloe Vera did nothing for me too but the cystoprotek does seem to help a little but not for a big flare. When I have a flare I just sit or lay down and let the bladder rest without all the gravity. Sometimes a very hot bath will help too. maybe get some pain meds from your doc? Did you do something maybe to aggravate the bladder? Hope the flare goes away.


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              Haven't tried CystaQ, but I can speak to my experience with Aloe Vera. It will not give immediate relief. It took a month of 3 pills twice a day to start feeling any results. After 2 months, I had modest relief. By the end of three months, voila, I am feeling really good and have started to put some foods back into my diet. It doesn't work for everyone, but if it does work it is great. No side effects for me whatsoever.