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    Hi, everyone. I am not typically into holistic types of medicine but I am currently seeing a woman who has an R.N. and an MSW in counseling. She is treating me for IC by using energy work and some reiki. She also uses pressure points. I know that some of you might think this sounds silly but I swear it makes me feel better. It really gets me to calm down. She does not advocate giving up any medication but just does this as an add-on. Best of all, because she's considered a therapist your health insurance covers it. I have only had one session but she claims to have had success with IC patients. She also recommended a CD website to me called that sells CD's for relaxation and treatment of pain. She said that you can call them and they will recommend a CD especially for patients with IC. I hope no one thinks I'm trying to sell anything here. I do not work for that company and I haven't called them yet so we'll see. I just wanted to share something that is working for me. If anyone lives in the Providence, RI area and would like to PM me I would be glad to send you the information on this counselor.