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  • Pain remedies?

    Is there anything i can do for pain. I have a horrible time getting my doctors to give me anything for pain. I have sever endometritis, Ic, chronic pelvic pain, fibromalysia. The only things i can get them to give me is weak and dont work. Is there anything i can do to help make it go away.

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    i take 1000 mg of magnesium that helps and what ever antinflamatorys you can.msm helps a lot of people I haven't had personal experience yet, omega 3,6 are good antinflamatorys. Address your food alergies, you may have some hidden ones. Try to learn about your PH that helped me A LOT you don't want to be too acidic or too basic. epson salt baths help. CHeck the threads on flair coping. I hope you get some relief, I hate to tell you most of those pain killers don't work anyway just my opinion tho.
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      If your doctors don't feel comfortable ordering pain control for you, I suggest you ask for a referral to a pain management specialist. They are trained in their specialty and should be able to help you.

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        Pain Management want see me till I am 18. I am only 16 so i have 2 more years before i can be seen. They said because of insurance they told me they would see me on my 18th B-day but not till.


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          Hello Jessie:
          Don't lose hope!!! There are several things that can take the edge off. Try either baking soda in water-about 1 tsp per cup for flare burining. If that doesn't work for you some people have great success with tums-they help nutralize acid. With meals or when you have burning. My miracle for burining flare pain is pyridium. I don't think a doctor would have problems giving you this since it is not narcotic. You can also buy it over the counter as Azo Standard or Uristat(the store brand works equally as well but cheaper.) Heating pad can help with the pressure, fullness and cramping associated with ic, pelvic pain, endo. A good warm bath helps soothe my genital area and my abdomen. Pouring cool water over my urethra helps too, when I'm in a flare. I keep a cup right by the sink. I often rinse when I am home anyways because it can prevent urine burn. I use warm water for this. Lastly I always use unscented, alcohol-free baby wipes with aloe vera when I am home to wipe after bowel movements and going pee. It helps to prevent infections I think becuase it thouroughy cleans off the area. But who knows, its all about positive thinking right! Wipe front to back only please! (from the vagina back to the anus not the other way around!) I hope this helps you somewhat, these things help me deal better and they can all be done without doctors! Good luck to you, I hope something will bring you releif!

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   alternative start
   pain helps

            I do think that with that many things causing you pain you should ask for a referal to a pain specialist and know your have the right to have your pain treated adequately. If you go to a pain clinic you may not be able to use some of the herbs
            Things soothing can help..vitamn E, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, Mullein, Fennel tea, and others but you should research them to be sure they are ok for you!!!! Fennel can stimulate your appetite
            Quercetin (anti inflammatory, may reduce the effectiveness of some forms of estrogen)
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              The doctors tell me that they cant see till i am 18. I wasnt given a reason why they just said we dont see patience till 18. I was referred by 3 dr's to pain management all still said no they wouldnt see me. They isnt anything I can do if they want see me. I had one tell me to call him on my 18th Birthday and he would see me. Most said they didnt like seeing patience under 21.