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Flax seed anyone?

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  • Flax seed anyone?

    My husband was talking to someone at work about dry eyes. The guy mentioned how his eye doctor had suggest flax seed. This man went on and on about how helpful it is for dry eyes. He mentioned how many he takes (I can't remember right off the top of my head how much he takes) and when he forgot to take it how dry his eyes were.

    Has anyone tried this? I did a quick search online and found Flaxseed Oil for dry eyes.

    Also my husband read up on it and he said he also read that it is book for a lot of other things. He got the crazy idea that the oil may coat the bladder better than the Elmiron that I am taking. lol

    I was just wanting people's thoughts. I didn't want to take it if it is known to start a bladder flare up. I'm in the middle of a painful one right now.

    Ashley - wife of Michael for about 15yrs, mom of 3, stay at home mom and homeschooling mom

    Learned I had IC through a potassium sensitivity test on - 3/1/07

    My meds -

    Elmiron 2 times a day
    Marshmallow Root pills once a day
    Zyrtec - once a day

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    My eye Dr. also suggested taking it for dry eyes. I have endometriosis as well as IC and it is supposed to help with the endo. If you read more about flax seed oil it helps with a lot of things. I take 1000mg twice a day. The bottle says you can take it 3 times a day.


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      I started taking flax seed oil capsules about a month ago to try to relieve my dry mouth (from medication) and it seems to be helping. I take two 1000 mg capsules a day. It's supposed to be good for the heart, so it's a "can't hurt, might help" situation.


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        Hey Ashley!

        That is a great idea! Not only is it good for your eyes it can help with your skin, nails, and your heart! It has the omega 3 that can help lower bad colesterol(sp) and raise the good. The oil is great because you can mix it into foods like yogurt and pudding or add it to the pan when you are sauteing something. The seeds can be used as a salad topper, and the capsules of course, are a convenient way to take it. Give it a try and let us know! Vitamin E can have similar mosturizing benefits!

        IC diagnosed officially via cysto/urodynamics 1/26/07

        Grade II Endometriosis diagnosed via lap 12/11/07

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          I add flax seeds to a lot of things - my stir-fries, cereals, and I even sprinkle them on my almond butter sandwiches. Just be careful - I chipped a molar on some a couple of weeks ago. It was probably already weak or cracked to begin with. It was not a fun way to start my morning, that's for sure. They can be kind of hard if uncooked, but they taste a bit like raw sesame seeds.


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            I use to take flaxseed oil everyday in a shake I use to drink, but then the IC got so bad I had to stop drinking my shake(which I put bluberries and bananas in along with protein powder and the flax oil). I just stopped the flax oil thinking maybe it was making my IC worse. I thought about starting it up again as I am getting more constipated lately. This IC diet is rough and it also makes it worse that I am on a gluten free diet as well. That leaves little to eat.


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              I used ground milled flax seed and put it on my cereal.. I love it
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