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  • Emergency immune support?

    What might be a safe and IC-friendly bet for quick immune support? I quit taking my multivitamin because the food dye in the coating bothers me. I don't have the problems with vitamins the way a lot of other IC-ers do. There's a nasty respiratory flu floating around town. One of my coworkers had it two weeks ago, a friend who lives near me had it last week, and now the girl who sits next to me at work is starting to complain of a very sore and swollen throat - the first symptoms everyone started with. I managed to skate by without contracting the last round of the nasty belly flu that went around (even after my nephew, dad, stepmom, and boyfriend all had it), but I'm worried my number might be up. I haven't tried taking my echinacea or elderberry syrup yet because I don't know how the ol' bladder will react, and I'm not getting the vitamin C I was with the multi. I'm off of work the second half of the week with a lot of activities planned, and I can't afford to be an invalid in bed for three or four days like this seems to do.

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    The best thing I can think of is frequent handwashing --- and if others in my household have colds, I use a saline nasal spray and it seems to help.

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      I eat zinc tablets to boost my immune system. I also eat a lot of peppers (red or green) and a lot of spinach. If you can tolerate those, they are also natural immune system helpers.


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        Thanks. That's funny, Donna - I totally have been washing my hands after touching anything here at work all day. I was also planning on eating spinach with dinner! Unfortunately, I can't eat bell peppers - not because of IC, but because my digestive system hates them. They make me violently ill. Ironically, I can eat super hot peppers like habaneros and thai dragon chiles. I'll probably pick up some straight zinc tablets on my way home today. They'd probably be a good thing to have on hand anyway. I hope I get lucky. Before I had IC, I would be guaranteed to get anything and everything that was going around town. Oddly enough, in the past year I've had only one minor head cold, and it was much less severe for me than it was for anyone else I know. Maybe my body figures it'll be nice and only afflict me with one illness at a time.


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          Lucky you then. I am the opposite. When I'm in remission, I'm basically healthy but as soon as IC hits me again, I get EVERYTHING that goes around. This march, I was so bad with IC I had an emergency cysto/hydro/DMSO to deal with the pain. 3 days after getting home from it I developed a cough. That cough is bronchitis.... and I'm still battling that 3 weeks later. Calling my gp again today cause i'm out of the antibiotics and its still not gone.....


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            Oh bummer! I hope that clears up for you soon. When my uti's got out of control a year ago, I started taking vitamins religiously, and perhaps that has helped me out with things like colds and flus. I'm lucky that I can still take them - I just need to find a multi that doesn't have food dye in the coating. I was only taking it 2-3 times a week anyway. I guess for now I'll just stick with my individual supplements and maybe grab some ester-c when pick up the zinc.


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              Wow, I found that when I took zinc and vitamin C when I had a cold, it made me much worse. I could not figure out why. Well, then I talked to a friend of mine who also has an autoimmune disease, and she said she has to stay away from any immune boosters. She said her doctor told her that people with autoimmune disorders should not take immune boosters and it will make them feel alot worse. I guess because if you have an autoimmune disease and you take immune boosters what you are doing is feeding your immune system to attack you even more.
              I just found it interesting since IC is likely autoimmune in nature as it is. I wonder if that is why when some people take vitamins they feel worse. Just a thought.


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                That could be - and since you've been having so many problems even on the diet, then an autoimmune condition could be one of the sources of your IC. Vitamins don't bother me much, just that stupid dye that's in the coating of this one. I'm not even sure why it's in there - it's not like the vitamin really looks all that appetizing from it. I mean, it's a pill, not a gourmet meal.


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                  I've used Echinachea & had success with it for sinus infections, it's wonderful for that! Also, you may wanna consider changing your household cleaners & other products to non store bought items, the store bought stuff has irritants in it that actually do us more harm than good! Over time I just bought something different when the store bought item ran out & for over the last year neither myself nor my husband has caught any bug & he's a Over The Road Truck Driver so he's in all different kinds of weather conditions.

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                    I've always had good results with echinacea and as far as I can tell it hasn't caused any problems when I take it now. It isn't mixed w/ anything else.