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msm glut.. sulfur.. allergy

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  • msm glut.. sulfur.. allergy

    I am allergic to sulfur(bactrum) is this the same sulfure that is in msm glutamate or is it something else.. I bought it but am afraid to try it
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    I just looked that up this

    I'm allergic to sulfa drugs. Will I have a bad reaction to MSM?

    No. Sulfa drugs are sulfites. MSM is a sulfur compound, but is not a sulfite.

    One other site though said to take precaution if allergic to sulfa medicines. Maybe there's a link to sulfite allergy and sulfur deficiency....


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      There's a big difference between sulfur and the sulfonomides (sulfa) that is the antibiotic. I am allergic to sulfonomides, but not to sulfur.

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        Have added Celebrex to my meds. I remember a uro giving me this a few years ago. I was taking Celebrex last year for a back problem and didn't have any IC symtoms. This may have a benefit while I am in a flare. I will let you know how I feel in a few days.


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          is this the same as vessence? glucosamine/chrondroitin/msm? i just bought some today. this is the one that you drop in water. i thought i will try it. bought it at costco figure if it doesn't work then i can return it. anyone try it?
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