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Drinking Lemon Juice?

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    Vicki -- Did you only have to drink this concoction once? Or do you have to keep on doing it? Frankly the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice does not appeal... but I'd be willing to choke it down if it might help. I can always do a rescue instill if it goes badly, I guess.

    Tracey -- I know how you feel, I get that kind of lack of consideration about my diet from my OWN mother. My MIL is actually a little better. Just to complicate things, my daughter is diabetic, so we are like the family from hell to invite to dinner, LOL. And I have had that lemon in the water problem too. There's a restaurant I go to each week if I can, to meet with a group of friends, and they don't seem to be capable of pouring a glass of water without sticking a lemon slice on it. I mean, how hard is that? Basically, they just don't want to be bothered with anyone's special needs. Why do I still go there? Well, it's where my group meets... But I think I'm going to start sneaking bottled water in in my purse!
    Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
    Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

    Peace, Carolyn

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      I have only drank the concoction once lately. However, I did squeeze 10 lemons and drink them a couple of days ago with no olive oil. I find it bizarre that I am okay with drinking them. I can't drink cranberry juice at all as it lights my bladder on fire. In fact, that is how I was diagnosed. Thought I had a bladder infection and drank a bunch of cranberry juice- ended up in the E.R. They brought in a uro and he diagnosed me with a cysto/hydro. -Vicki
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        Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

        It was probable not the lemon, but the SUGAR which is very inflammatory.


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          Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

          Lemon juice is a sure painful flare for me. Citrus is on the list of foods to avoid.

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            Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

            My urine pH has hovered around 6 since I've had IC (and probably before), and I can't get it higher than 6.2. I've been taking Tums or Prelief with meals (especially anything acidic) and with my vitamins, and I take a Cal/Mag supplement. My urologist suggested lemon water (a squeeze of lemon in a glass of water) to help alkalize the body & urine.

            I too am worried about how this may work, since it seems risky & counter-intuitive. I've read that citrus can turn alkaline in your body -- with the exception of Oranges, for some reason (so I never eat oranges). The question is WHEN & WHERE IN THE BODY is it alkaline? Is it possible it could alkalize the body but put acid in the urine?

            Lately I've had minor flares with greatly increased frequency at night, so I'm ready to try something to alkalize my urine. Last night I had a glass of Club Soda on ice with lemon. Had a momentary minor flare (burning) but not sure if it was a result of the drink.

            Any suggestions on alkalizing the urine are welcomed.


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              Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

              I am telling here as well, NO lemon, if you want to alkalize urine, which has no connection to IC, then skip all sugar for some weeks and drink only pure water and a lot.


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                Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                Originally posted by RAS6 View Post
                WOW! I would be in so much pain! I had a lemon flavored jelly bean on Staurday (just one darn jelly bean) and I paid for it with pain, burning, and frequency! That just goes to show that everyone with IC responds differently to food.
                Very Strange!
                Just to tell you, that Lemon Flavored anything does not have real lemon as a rule..Unless they were gourmet lemon candies and specified real lemon would you not want to....maybe it was something else..think back and maybe you will see that another food that day was a trigger. Also if you figure it out it is one more food under your belt you cannot eat!!!!

                I know I can never do tomatoe anything ever again.!!!!!


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                  Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                  I know that Lemons go in Acid and come out alkaline, and that is a scientific fact. So if that is the case why not food going in being alkaline and coming out acid, it is all chemistry. I must check that one out and see
                  oranges for sure cause problems in most IC ers, but not sure of the grapefruit


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                    Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                    Lemon is poison to me! I can't believe URO's are telling people to drink lemon juice! I know the original poster was told by someone in alternative medicine, but didn't someone say urologists are also saying this? I'm terrified! On June 2, 1999 I drink 8 oz of orange juice and was in bed in agony for a week! Ever since, even getting a couple of drops of lemon juice in one bite of a recipe is enough to cause a major trigger!
                    It's scary, but if people keep getting good results from this I may eventually get the nerve to try it. If I do, it will be when I've just refilled my pain medicine and have plenty of catheters and lidocaine in case it backfires. Here's hoping!
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                      Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                      I can't eat oranges or other citrus fruits but I can have lemon with no problems.

                      Everyone is so different though.
                      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                        Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                        I really like reading all the diet pros and cons. I miss my citrus fruits, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries. By adhering to the diet I have much less pain. I've been eating a lot of pears (which I didn't care for before) and blueberries, practically every meal. I've been testing the waters so to speak because I'm trying to put some weight on after having diverticulitis and losing a lot of weight. The diet seems bland at first but for me it takes about a week for my taste buds to like the change. For a while there food had no flavor what so ever. Must be on the mend. . Healing from the inside out. The IC diet really works for me. (I have to say don't eat hot dogs!! ) cravings could kill you, my bad... otherwise doing real good. Thanks everyone♡


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                          Re: Drinking Lemon Juice?

                          I can have lemons and lemon rind. And I am SUPER diet sensitive. The citric acid in the lemons "apparently" alkalise the urine, it's in Uro-cit as potassium citrate and ural at pure citric acid and they are both urinary alkalisers.
                          Yet I can't touch pineapple, oranges, mandarins or other citrus fruits. Go figure????????
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