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  • N-acetyl glucosamine

    I've done a fair amount of research on N-acetyl glucosamine, and would love to know if anyone out there has tried it and had some success. Also has anyone tried fish oil supplements.

    I follow a very strict IC diet. I'm on 300mgs. of Elmiron, 75mgs. Elavil and 20mgs. Hydroxyzine. Also had 8 weeks of rescue installations a couple months ago.

    However, I'm still struggling with pain.

    Thanks in advance for any updates! :-)

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    I have added fish oil to my list of meds. I think it helps with the pain, but I can not say definitely that it does. At the time that I really started it, I also started physical therapy and neurontin and had a lot of pain relief. That could also have been because of the time of year. For some reason I feel better after October through the middle of Feb. (when things start to bloom here). So.... I do take fish oil. It may not be helping with the pain, but I know that they say it helps your heart and I need that.
    I also take glucosomine. I can really tell a difference in my arthritis type symptoms--sore joints- when I take it.
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      I use glucosamine, and have for years. I don't know if it helps my IC...I suppose it does, but I really take it for me knees. I really know when I don't take knees hurt taking a flight of stairs.....
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        N-acetyl glucosamine

        I tried NAG for about 2 months. I don't think it helped my IC at all. It also upset my digestive tract. After that, I tried Cystoprotek which I believe really helped my IC and, as a bonus, made my nasal allergies go away too.