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Frequency with Desert Harvest Aloe Vera?

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  • Frequency with Desert Harvest Aloe Vera?

    I have just started desert harvest aloe vera, I feel that my frequency levels are going up. Has anyone experienced frequency when taking the aloe vera?
    is the frequency normal for the first few days of taken it?
    Formerly lorenab

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    i had frequency taking the desert harvest! i also had discomfort. i emailed them and they suggested starting out small and gradually increasing. i tried that, but the more i increased the more i felt worse, so i stopped. maybe you could try may work for you? i was so hoping that stuff would work for me and bummed out when it didn't. hope your experience is better than mine! good luck!


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      Hi Lynn15,

      Thanks for your reply. I did start off slow the frequency only happened for a day or so then it went away. Now I am taking 2 pills three times a day. My bladder feels better already.
      Formerly lorenab


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        me to

        I also had increased frequency for the first few days.
        but it went day 3 or so.

        My experience w/ aloe:
        i was taking elmiron & elavil
        I quit elmiron 7 weeks ago due to hair loss
        and in place of the elmrion i took the desertharvest aloe.
        3xday..unless it was something that looked like it might bother chicken wings..or something, than i took a few more.

        I was fine for 7 weeks...great even!

        (after 7 hair was still falling i quit the elavil too..thats when i began to flare again)

        i am still taking the aloe today..and i've just added Atarax in liue of the elavil..see if i can keep my hair..and my bladder happy.
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