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Chiropractic care? Does it work?

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  • Chiropractic care? Does it work?

    I am newly diagnosed with ICS but I think it is actually a whole package of problems including IBS/constipation, endometriosus and sciatica. A friend told me how chiropractic care helped her with other health problems. Since I hate taking medications as there is usually a whole new set of problems and side effects, I am trying to find alternative methods. Has anyone tried chiropractic care with any results?

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    I go to my chiropractor every f/night, i believe it has helped me. my pelvis tilts to the right alot it could be from lifting something or sleeping in a funny position, he puts my pelvis back in position. also he works on my lower and middle back, i believe it has helped alot with my ic. choose your chiro carefully he or she needs to be really good at there job. good luck.
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      I've seen a chiropractor a lot for my lower compressed discs. It has helped that somewhat, but not my bladder. My chiropractor said a mattress is good for only 5 years for your back. It helped to get a new one, but in a month my back was hurting from the mattress-has to be absolutely firm, and no mattress seems to stay that way for long.