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For those who've had success w/ TCM....

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  • For those who've had success w/ TCM....

    Any advice to give me before I embark? Do you flare initially or not? How long did it take you to feel better? What sorts of improvement did you get?

    It turns out the pain specialist I've been seeing who says she specializes in treating pain w/ acupuncture doesn't really have a clue. I wouldn't get better in a million years w/ what she's doing. In 4 sessions all she did was acupressure 1 point on each hand and 1 pt. on each ankle. Last week when I went she wasn't even going to treat me at all! I told her I think we should move onto needles and all she did was the ankle spots but she didn't leave the needles in, she put them in for a second and then pulled them out!

    I've made an appt. to see a TCM specialist who has treated some very serious diseases but not IC. I've researched and printed out some good info on precedent on TCM for IC and explanation about the disease. Maybe he'll be the right person and maybe not but I'm going to try him and give up on this other quack. She wants me to wean off the tramadol but isn't giving me anything to effect the pain! But she does triple book at $168 a session. And I had such high hopes for her. They sure teach you not to trust anyone.