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  • Acupuncture?

    Has anyone tried this? Does it help?

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    I've just had six sessions of acupuncture (once per week) and noticed a big difference in the pain I used to have in my buttocks when sitting, standing and walking. I used to have it every day, off and on. Now I hardly have it at all, some days nothing.I haven't noticed a difference in the frequency, and I don't have bladder pain, so can't comment on that. I do have a lot of pain when touching the urethra, or with touching inside the vagina. That may have gotten a bit better, but I'm not really sure. I'm signed up for six more sessions, so we'll see how it goes. The person I see is part of a pain management clinic, and one of their specialties is pelvic pain, so I think that's why I'm seeing good results. A few years ago I tried acupuncture for pain during intercourse, with no success. But the person I saw told me he had no experience with it--he was just using the points that he thought made sense. The person I see now is using different points. I suggest asking around to see if you can find anyone in your area who specializes in IC/pelvic pain. (I'm in Toronto). Good luck!


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      It did away with my pelvic pain.