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Bad experience with Aloe

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  • Bad experience with Aloe

    Wanted to post my recent experience with Aloe to see if anyone else has had this problem . I started takeing Desert Harvest caps 1 month ago and was very excited to try somthing new that had helped so many. I did my research and read their studies, and it looked great, plus, I know that my problem is with leaky epithilium because I am helped quite a bit by elmiron. At first, I thought it helped with the burning sensation. and I did not notice any problems with side effects, but, by the third week I began to experience flu like symptoms with fatigue, malaise, headache and mental confusion. I was so worried I went to my primary care doc who drew a lot of bloodwork all of which was fine. I kept taking the aloe hoping that I would feel better soon, and I did get a bit better for a day or two, then Whammo worse that ever. I stopped the aloe 2 days ago and I feel dramatically better, and so far the bladder pain has not gotten worse. I guess I am one of those people that Aloe does not agree with. Boy was I sick. I am just wondering if anyone else had that experience. Well I hope they take back the unused portion, or if not, I'll donate it to someone who likes it. On to the next thing.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Before I try something new, I like to see what experiences other folks have had, both negative and positive. Then I feel like I can make an informed decision.

    Thanks for posting.



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      Sounds like you have an allergy to something in the product?


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        I am allergic to aloe. I have never taken it internally, but if I use it on my skin, it turns my skin and I feel like my skin is on fire. I will warn you that they put aloe if everything. I recently bought bluebery/pomegrante juice for my husband and was about to taste it when I read the label. They had put aloe in it! Do be careful and read labels! Judith