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    How Many Have Noticed Improvement While Taking Glucosamine With Msn. How Many Do You Take Per Day? Can Anyone Explain What It Does?

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    Hi Gwen,

    I started taking it after reading a post a month or two ago from a man who said the glucosamine worked wonders. Some people wrote in that it was wonderful for them, some wrote it caused flares, etc....

    Me, I don't notice any difference. My uro okayed taking it, with 2 other supplements - if anything, I was told they are good for healthy joints!

    Before taking anything, I would check with your docs first!!

    IC diagnosis 1999
    Meds: Elmiron
    hydroxyzine hcl
    DMSO as needed
    valium as needed
    librax 3x day

    TENS therapy

    Thanks to all on the boards - YOU have helped more than I can say!

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      I know that MSM is something suggested for inflammation... the glucosamine, I'm not sure how that reaches the bladder. I figured why not try it. My doctor said go for it if I want to. I have some disk trouble in my lower back, so I figured if anything, the glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM may help that. I have not noticed an improvement or a worsening with it. I use the chewable ones from GNC.
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        Glucosamine with MSM-working for me!

        After reading the post about it I could not get to the store fast enough to try it. My symptoms are pain primarily, no frequency and mild urgency since 2001. I have had such bad experiences with drs and traditional rx that I have not seen a urologist since 2004. Until now I have been following the diet and taking prelief. My experience with glucosamine with MSM has been great and it has only been 10 days. This coincided with my period starting and it was the mildest cramps I have had in years. I have had a few days this week where I feel NORMAL for blissful periods of time. I had almost forgotten what it was like!

        I picked up my bottle at Walmart for less than $7.00 for 140. I take 2 pills twice a day on a full stomach. I am still taking Prelief and watching what I eat. I know we are all different but I think it is worthwhile to try it! Good luck! Lili


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          Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering the same thing. That's great it has worked for some of you! I bought a bottle when I read the 1st post about it, but I haven't taken it regularly. I think I will start since it can't really hurt. Well, for me, I didn't notice an increased flare with it. I am in a lot of daily pain though. I also have Cystoprotek which I don't take regularly. It's so hard with managing all these pills! I feel like keeping up with it wears me out.
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            started glucosamine (no msm) around a week ago, feeling better, frequency slowing down.


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              The bloke Trying2Cope has thoroughly briefed us with his experience on this thread :

              Its a great success story, and yet it seems this stuff works for some and not for others. I suggest anyone who is thinking of the MSM / Quercetin etc etc approach, they read that threrad from start to end. There is a lot of information that describes what may be affecting its ... err ... effect!

              Above I see mentions, of chewable, mentions of chondroiton, etc. Everybody seems to have their own needs, but I know that Trying2Cope had had GREAT results from his EXACT approach, and BAD results from the SLIGHTEST variation. He is against chondroitin, and specifies only one type of MSM seems to work for him. I'd be careful of anything chewable, because chewable usually means flavour for taste, and that might mean citrus etc.

              The MSM my wife takes tastes horrible, but that's the price paid for not consuming some flavouring that might undo any good work these things can do.

              These are all just things we've come across, your needs and answer may be vastly different. But I DO suggest reading that entire thread and seeing every variation that people have suggested or asked about, and the feedback that has come through on it.

              Good luck!

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                I take Kenetic Joint III which is glucosimine and hyluronic acid. Don't know that it helsp though. Does help my joints.