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Could Quercetin cause a flare??

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  • Could Quercetin cause a flare??


    Others had poseted on Quercetin along with some other vitamins and supplements, so I bought some on Sunday.

    Earlier that day I had noticed a little bladder tenderness for the first time since I have had IC (I have urethral symptoms alone usually).

    Anyway, now after 4 days of taking it my bladder is really tender to the touch, walking hurts it because it jiggles a bit, and sitting is killing me. It feels kind of like I have a low seat belt on way too tight.

    I do not even know if this is flare or not. It could be just a new and very unwanted symptom.

    Of course I will stop taking this supplement for a while to see if this stops, but has anyone ever had this experience?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I had the same experience with Quercetin. I took if for three days and I developed frequency and urgency, which I never had, and then worse bladder pain the next three days. I stopped it and then I was fine. I don't remember what brand it was-maybe there were preservatives or something besides the Quercetin that bothered me. But it did bother me-big time!


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      Thanks for the reponse!

      I took my last one yesterday morning and think I feel a bit better today. Do you by chance know if you were immediately better after stopping Quercetin or whether it took a few days?

      It could be Quercetin itslef or a preservative that bothers us. I got the Solaray type. I've liked their supplements before.

      I SO hope this goes away for me too. At any rate, it is a reminder that supplements are drugs, and like all drugs, they have the potential to do good, harm, or nothing.


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        Did you get a citrus free quercetin? Citrus could be the culprit


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          Yes, I did specifically buy a non-citrus type but they did not list what the quercetin was extracted from. It could have been some other acidic source.


          Originally posted by windwalker
          Did you get a citrus free quercetin? Citrus could be the culprit


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            may have been from fava beans. thats on the no no list from my doctor.