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  • Yoga and Meditation

    I've had IC since 2002 and in the early stages I was on traditional IC treatments. After 3 years of traditional IC treatment, I decided to cease using them for many reasons. For one the side effects and two for the longterm complications they may cause to other organs.

    In 2005, I began to use a strict IC diet along with weight training. I also began to incorporate yoga and meditation.

    Meditation has done allot to decrease my IC symptoms and discomfort. The results have been amazing.There are times I feel that my IC does not exist.

    Meditation is mind/body medicine. The meditaion I use is called Pranayam. The yoga I use is called Yoga Aasan. I do both of these daily for approximately 45 minutes. I weight train 4 times a week. I've been using the three practices for about 2 years. All have been used with other illnesses with great results.

    I've come a long way, in learning to live with my IC. I've been able to continue to work and do many of the things I did when I didn't have IC. I've been able to eat things which I couldn't really eat in the early stages. I owe this allot to yoga, meditation and weight training .

    The mind is a powerful tool. It can be used to control what you feel in your own body. That's why meditation has worked for myself and many others. I have found throughtout the years in living with my IC, that it is worth exploring other treatments other then the traditional medicine. You never know what you may discover, and what you find may help you allot in living with your IC. Never limit yourself to one treatment option. I'm glad I didn't.

    Hope this was of some help to all of you.

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    Last week I went to my first yoga class. I am planning on going again this week a couple of times. I did have a little concern about this. There are times throughout the session where you have to tighten the muscles near your pelvic region, should I be doing this? I did not think I was allowed to do situps for fear of making something spasm down there? Do you do situps?
    Diagnosed with IC - March 2007
    Diagnosed with vulvodynia - June 2007
    -Lots of prayer
    -Taking Elmiron and Hydroxzine (stoppped because of pregnancy)
    -Taking Prelief as needed (stopped because of pregnancy)
    -IC diet


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      Kristi, there is no question that meditation and other relaxation techniques can help with pain issues. I find that some music is very soothing --- and other things that help take my mind away from my bladder area are helpful.

      I try to get exercise every day, but I absolutely am not able to put any stress on my abdominal muscles; it's just too painful. I find swimming and walking to be two exercises that work well for me.

      And if I'm having a particularly bad day, nothing helps me more than engrossing myself in a good book or a spellbinding movie to help me relax all of my muscles.

      Stay safe

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        I agree that Yoga and meditation are essential for anyone going thrugh a chronic illness and the emotional part of it.
        I just started Kundalini Yoga, it is the most ancient Yoga and very challenging physicaly and spiritually. I don't do any of the excersices pregnant women can't do. I tell the teacher about my condition and when they are working on the pelvis I just sit in a confortable position, close my eyes, and imagine myself doing the excersice. Although I will soon try to take an antidepressant, I'm planning to do it only for a few months while I increase my Yoga practice that I just recently started. I've heard many people who do yoga, end up weaning off medications or reducing them.
        I've tried 3 types of Yoga and found that this one is the best for me. I have a friend that does Hata yoga and anotehr one does Bikram yoga and they love it.
        Laser cervical surgery after abnormal pap (moderate dysplasia) in 3/2004
        UTIs since mid 2004
        Recurrent yeast infections since mid 2005
        IC dx 3/2006
        V V dx 12/2006
        Other conditions: IBS, allergies, dry eyes.

        Current IC medications:
        Elavil (since 12/06) 10 mg;
        Cysta Q (since 5/07)
        Rephresh acid jel every 3 days
        D-mannose, fish oil, Calcium Citrate, Multivitamins & garlic pills (sometimes)
        Probiotics Femdophilus or other brands
        Gy-Na-Tren for yeast infections (started using it as needed since 2010)
        Other Rx:Omeprazole 20mg; benadryl as needed, Restasis

        Past Meds and why I stopped them:
        Elmiron: March to September 2006: headaches
        Lyrica:2 weeks in 2006: headaches
        Cystoprotek: from Jan to April 2007: nausea

        Femcon Fe (2/07 to 10/07):caused spotting/bleeding
        BCP:Loestrin (since Ocotber 2007) to stop spotting for 2 months. V V worse. Stopped the pill in Nov 07.

        "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it"