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  • Calcium and Magnesium

    Can you recommend a brand to me? I've been looking on the internet and found some good deals, but not sure if the brand will help or hinder my I.C.

    Hope you're having a symptom free day!

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    I think it depends on how sensitive to supplements and fillers etc you are. I tend to stick with Citracal petites for my calcium and I like the vitamin shoppe magnesium citrate though sometimes I buy nature made cuz costco has it.

    Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
    Macrobid after sex
    Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
    synthroid .088mg, mucinex-d, restasis

    Supplements: Desert Harvest Aloe vera, Cysta-q, prelief, magnesium and calcium, Vit D, flaxseed oil

    Diag Mild IC Jan 11 but have had symptoms for 25 years. Also have GERD, TMJ, IBS-C, chronic dry eye syndrome, hashimotos thyroiditis, non-allergic rhinitis.

    IC Diet Link:
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC overview-
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC PDF:
    Great treatment flowchart on page 19 of the pdf


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      I also take the 'Citrical Petites' and I buy 'Nature Made' Magnesium.