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Cod liver oil?

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  • Cod liver oil?

    Ok- I was out and about for awhile yesterday and one of the stops that I made was to get my hair cut. There was a lady there who also has IC (got to talking and found out she is also a State employee and we were talking about what they are trying to do with our insurance, and furloughs etc. She mentioned that she just started taking Cod liver Oil- she said she goes to Sun Harvest (health food store here in Central Texas) and she has been using it for about 2 months now, she said she thinks its helping her IC (know its helping her arthitis(?); but you have to take it out of the caps or else it only helps the liver. I told her I would be willing to try it but I have to go thru my cardio doctors first due to the meds that I am on.
    Anyway, so question is have any tried this?

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    CLO Is high in Omega 3's and vits A and D- all things that help with inflammation. Not sure what she means about only helping the liver. I take fish oil.

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    symptoms started on and off Nov 2010
    urgency, frequency, general bladder discomfort,itching, and other nasty feelings
    I am going completely holistic with herbs and diet to heal


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      She said that it only helps the liver if you leave it in the capsule. If you take it out and mix it with a little bit of water it helps includes the bladder.


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        I've listened to Dr Mehmet Oz talk about the benefits of cod liver oil. Its got Vitamin D3 and all healthy fats. He recommends a "shot" of cod liver oil daily, especially to those that dont get adequate amounts of sunshine in their daily activity. I personally couldnt stomach it so take fish oil capsules instead, though I dont think they contain the same amount of Vit D.

        Talk with your Dr or pharmacist.
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          We take vitamin D caplets at our house on the advice of our physician.

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            I do think they have cod liver oil in liquid form. I don't think I can stomach the liquid form though.


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              As far as an fish oils go Krill oil is suppose to be the best



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                Re: Cod liver oil?

                Hi Trishann,you can purchase un flavored cod liver oil at vitacost.This type of fish oil come in liquid and does not
                cause me to flare,because it dosen't have anchovies and citrus,and preservative free. I took my cod live oil with Heather mint oil.
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