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  • flowerangela
    i'd like to know the answer to the multiv question also. one thing i do (consult your dr of course) is i drink the vanilla ensure shakes (or the compare to ensure brand when theyre pricy).they have vitamins in them and dont seem to flare me at all.they really help when im not all that hungry or dont feel like thinking about what can i eat or cook thats not gonna hurt terms of alternative therapies..aromatherapy and seeing a counselor for talk therapy has really been helping me.i do not like being on all the percoset either hon and am pushing for alternative pain management with my drs.

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  • ginaaa22
    started a topic supplements


    What multi vitamin is IC friendly? I am fructose intolerant and since I can't eat some of the necessary things from my diet I need to take a supplement.

    Has anyone tried some of the alt therapies like marshmallow root tea (i think thats what its called)?

    I have been having problems with severe diarrhea and I dont know what to do about it...I don't need a stool softener and even when I take pain meds they do not constipate me. My diet consists of pasta, meat, dairy and water. I will occasionally eat fruits or veg but in small doses.

    What other alt therapies have people tried that have helped? I need to start an anti candidia program cause im prone to getting yeast infections. My frequency/urgency doesn't bother me its the endless pelvic pain. Conventional medicine has not helped so far with pain other than taking pain meds and I don't want to do that so I am open to any suggestions.