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  • suzziy
    I am on my sixth urologist; actually the urologist I am seeing now is a nurse practioner, whom at least is willing to write a script for what I want to try. I have tried Elavil, attarax, hydroxyzine, pristiq, pyridium, Uribel, Enablex, Ditropan - nothing works.

    I tried Cystoprotek for six months - did nothing. I tried Cystaq and out of everything that has helped at least a little. I take 2 with dinner along with Glucosamine Sulfate. I follow an IC diet and take Prelief (otc) with every meal. In the morning I take a probiotic for vaginal/urinary health. I am in the process of adding Vitamin D3 to see how that helps and will then add Saw Palmetto.

    The man made meds that I have tried have all given me side affects; some worse than others. I have had NO side affects with the natural/herb substances and they offer at least some relief.

    Before I try anything new, I research and research and research to make sure of possible side affect and reactions from other drugs. Cystaq for example should not be take with flouroquinolines which I found at I am very allergic to anyways.

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  • meissabarham
    started a topic question about herbs and natural things

    question about herbs and natural things

    I went into a Health, Herbal and Vitamin store today. Of course when I got there I forgot everything I had planned on looking for so I asked the lady if she had any idea of what might help. She suggested Corn Silk which comes in capsules and U-Tract (D-Mannose) which you add to water and drink. Has anyone else tried either of these or know anything about them? Any what herbs or vitamins do you use that you think might help with frequency and urgency? Thanks I'm trying to do as much of this on my own as possible but it is very confusing. I don't think many people know much about it.